Many of our followers will have noticed in the last few performances that we've not been joined by our MC and Moustache Ambassador Jon Cleave.  He has been advised to take some time out from singing.  As a result he thought it best to send all of our Fishy Friends a quick note, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Regretfully I've been advised to temporarily hang up the ole moustache and step back from performances for the next few months (advised by a Doctor not a music lover, in case anyone was wondering!).  I've suffered from intermittent faints for the last 4 years and need to get it all sorted out.
I'll miss giving you all a 'Jolly Rogering' and a 'Good Hard Shantying' very much, but hopefully will get a speedy diagnosis for whatever it is. I know you'll all enjoy our performances in Port Isaac and elsewhere this summer as much as ever, and I hope to return to the fray with the buoys sooner rather than later.
Must go now, I can feel another bout of the vapours coming on....
My kindest Regards to you all,
Your Fisherman's Friend Jon C xx