The Day has arrived and our new album 'SOLE MATES' is now available to buy from tonnes of outlets around the UK and beyond.

We're really pleased with the results of our recording, with a return in some sense to our roots.  We'd love to hear what you think of the album so please drop us a line on our Social Media pages.

A few places you can buy the album are:




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More Activity Than You Could Shake a Hake At!

So my shanty lubbers!  We've been busy fishies this April.

FF at Radio 2

Not only have we been recording music for a secret project that we be revealed in its entirety soon, but we've also been up to London Town to see the superbly lovely, talented and super-friendly Jo Whiley (hope you're reading this Jo) and sing a few songs for her on her Radio 2 weekday show.

It was fantastic to all head up en masse to the Capital (of England of course, not the world.... everyone knows that that honour goes jointly to Port Isaac and Padstow!) all sat on the train together.  Unlike the heady, early days after signing with a record company, we found ourselves sipping tea in freight class instead of boozing it up in first class! How the times have changed.

We were up there to promote the new album which will be launched on April 20th and it's an album that we are all really proud of.  It's a return to our roots in some respects, so it was great to perform two of the songs from the album ('The Bonny Ship the Diamond' & 'Oh You New York Girls') for Jo and her audience listening at home, at work and in their cars.

We had a fantastic response from listeners, Jo and her fantastic team made us feel at home and, had we not been intent on finding a 'late night library' to wind down in afterwards, we would have happily stayed there all night singing and chatting (although we think our manager was happy that we didn't say too much about our exciting new project).

If you missed the broadcast you can catch it by clicking HERE or visiting