Meet Billy - Port Isaac Pottery


A potter by trade and a master of 'all things stringed', Billy brought a great deal of creativity to our musical arrangements as well as a booming tenor voice!

Whether he was belting out a romping-stomping song like 'Billy O'Shea' or serenading us with the more considered songs such as 'Bold Riley' or 'Captain Stormio', Billy had a distinctive voice that packed a punch and was full of heart.  He also loved to add beautiful melody lines to songs with his cello mandolin and tenor guitar.

Billy spent a great deal of time writing songs either by himself or together with Jon Cleave.  FF Songs such as 'Captain Stormio' have been born out of Billy taking Jon's wonderful, historical lyrics and setting them to music.  The boys also wrote and produced the album 'First & Last' under the name 'Roscarrock' which features songs about Port Isaac of old.

Billy retired from official duty with the band following the November 2018 tour to spend more time with his family but will always remain a Fisherman’s Friend.

Billy runs the Port Isaac Pottery along with his wife Barbara and his two daughters, Faye & Jo.  The Pottery, an old methodist chapel, also acted as the band’s rehearsal and meet-up space for many years.  Many an evening was spent running through songs and enjoying one or two beers.....  All in moderation though, there are still a few Temperance Society banners in the chapel!